LOCAL BAND TIME. Sympathy For Achilles is an alternative rock band hailing from Saratoga Springs, NY. This 4 piece monster  is made up of Guitarist Gabe Stallman, Vocalist Mark Slavin, Bassist Jake Brooks, and Drummer Noah Chieco……. To think these guys are so young and they already sound like seasoned vets. They have a 3 song demo on their Facebook page that EVERYONE should check out. After all it’d be a shame to miss out on the next big thing. To get an idea of what these guys sound like I’ll give a play by play of one of their songs.


Girl So Pretty (But She Got No Friends) -  Starts off with an in your face, heavy riff followed by a bluesy little lick. This song is sure to give you chills within the first 30 seconds. TAKE NOTICE OF THE LITTLE BASS FILLS. They’re funky as hell to say the least. The drummer knows exactly what to play, playing rhythms that are technical but still fit the song perfectly. The solo is a Wah filled adventure. Also if you haven’t realized by now, which I’m sure you have, their vocalist has the voice of a god.

TAKE THE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO CHECK THESE GUYS OUT! They’re extremely diverse, I mean if you just listen to the song after Girl So Pretty it’s entirely different style and it still sounds amazing. SFA is a band that will age like wine. So check ‘em out now, It’ll be cool to be able to say “I knew them before they were selling out arenas.”

Sympathy For Achilles has a gig on April 3rd at Trick Shot Billiards & Sports Pub 1602 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY. If you’re in the area, it would be blasphemy to miss this.

ALSO if you’re into their music be sure to promote these guys yourselves. It takes two seconds to share a link on Facebook and it means the world to musicians. 1000 FANS AND THESE GUYS GET TO PLAY AT SARATOGA PERFORMING ARTS CENTER. That’s SICK to say the least. Let’s try and help these guys out.


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